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  • 8786010110_2020_maxicosi_carseat_carseataccessory_FamilyFix3_black_rearwardandforwardfacingtravelling_side


i-Size safety | Installation feedback | Click & Go installation | Long-time use |

170,99 € Precio sugerido 189,99 €

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  • i-Size safety

    Compliant with the latest European i-Size safety standard, your child can use our rear-facing follow-up toddler seat until they’re around 4 years old.

  • Installation feedback

    You don’t have to worry about installing things the wrong way because our light and sound indicators make sure you do it right.

  • Click & Go installation

    Reduce the risk of an incorrect installation by attaching your baby car seat to an ISOFIX base unit.

  • Long-time use

    Use the FamilyFix3 both with baby and toddler car seats for long-time use of up to 4 years.

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