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Modern Bag

Tu mejor compañero en tus viajes con familia
€  99,00 €  99,00

Por qué elegirme

Large capacity

Large and easy to access compartments

Toiletry bag with hanging hook

Unique extra toiletry bag with hanging hook

Changing mat

Changing mat is always on hand when going out with baby

Insulated bag

Insulated bag to keep baby's food and drinks cold or warm

Descripción del producto

Prepare your trip in a flash, and serenely change baby with the Maxi-Cosi nursery bag. Beyond its high volume capacity and its numerous compartments, Maxi-Cosi Modern Bag contains a changing mat, a baby food insulated bag and also a unique extra toiletry bag with hanging hook to access rapidly all you need when changing baby. Maxi-Cosi nursery bag has a modern and trendy style thanks to the leather-look and metal details.

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